Wendy Davis:
For Five Generations, My Family’s Been All About Northwest Georgia

She’s on the side of NorthWest Georgia Families!

Connected To US

Wendy knows our communities better than anyone. For more than five generations her family has called northwest Georgia home, and she’s served us as a community leader and Rome City Commissioner.

She’ll Stand Up For US

Wendy believes we need less hot air and more results in Washington. She’ll defend Social Security and Medicare, fight for a VA doctor in northwest Georgia, and push to make insurance companies lower costs for families.

An Economy That Helps US

Wendy’s tired of seeing Wall Street and Silicon Valley tycoons make millions while middle class families struggle. She’ll make sure they pay their fair share, and help us strengthen schools – because good schools will restore good-paying jobs here.


Filling a Prescription or Seeing a Doctor Shouldn’t Cost an Arm and a Leg


Affordable Care: Wendy believes no family should have to choose between seeing a doctor and paying the bills. Wendy knows we can do more to make drug companies lower cost

Accessible Care: Wendy will protect Medicare from Republicans who want to destroy it. Wendy knows we need to protect Georgia moms from dying in childbirth, and defend women’s health care choices.

Veterans Care: Wendy’s family has a long history of serving our country. She’ll demand a top-to-bottom overhaul of the VA, to make sure veterans get the benefits and healthcare they were promised.

Democrat Wendy Davis knows that strong schools and good jobs go hand-in-hand.

Investing in students with skills training, so they graduate ready for college or for the local careers of the future that can support a family.

Connecting our skilled workers to new jobs and training, so we can match existing skills to the high-quality jobs Wendy will help bring to northwest Georgia.

Standing Up For Women:
Wendy Will be a Fierce Advocate For Georgia Women

Protecting Women From Violence by always support the Violence Against Women Act, which helps survivors of domestic violence, sex trafficking, sexual assault and other crimes and threats

Empowering Women In The Workforce by helping attract high- quality jobs that can support a family, and leading the fight to expand affordable childcare for working moms

Defending Women and their Health Care by improving affordability and access, lowering Georgia’s maternal mortality rate, and standing up for Roe