Wendy’s growing list of endorsements includes 28 state legislators, 41 city and county leaders and 24 former elected officials.

State Representative David Wilkerson of Powder Springs is in his sixth term in the Georgia legislature and serves as the House Democratic Caucus Whip. He joined Wendy in December as a co-host of her telephone town hall event that welcomed thousands of Cobb County voters to the 14th CD.

“Like my colleagues, we have seen you in action. You already represent a portion of the district, and you’ve done a great job of staying true to your values. That’s the kind of leadership you have shown.”

Representative Kim Alexander is in her fifth term in the Georgia House of Representatives. A Paulding County native, she is a barrier-breaker and community leader who has worked to improve safety at childcare centers and continues to advocate for fuller access to mental health services.

Rep. Alexander’s endorsement remarks: “I am very proud to endorse Wendy Davis to be the next Congresswoman from Georgia’s 14th District. As the only Democratic member of the Georgia House of Representatives who has lived in and represented parts of the current Congressional District, I have seen firsthand how hard Wendy works for the citizens of her District.

Wendy is active in the community which she serves and cares about all Georgians! Wendy understands that for communities to thrive, we must ALL work together. Wendy will be a true partner in being responsive to the needs of her suburban neighbors as well as those in the small rural towns across Northwest Georgia. Wendy is the best candidate to represent Georgians in the 14th District!”


Former State Representative E.M. “Buddy” Childers has been a community leader in northwest Georgia for decades, before, during, and after his 30-year tenure in the State House of Representatives. He was the longtime Chairman of the House Health and Human Services Committee where he shepherded through legislation providing telephone relay service for the deaf, coverage for mammograms and prostate cancer screening and a viable organ-donor program.

Rep. Childers’ endorsement remarks: “I support Wendy Davis because she will work hard for the district and not for herself.”

“She knows how to make things happen, and if she sees she made an incorrect decision, she will correct it.”

“I have known Wendy as far back as I can remember. I knew her late uncle, Congressman John W. Davis, who did an outstanding job for us in Washington, and Wendy will do the same.”

“For these and many other reasons I will be voting for Wendy Davis for Congress. She is the clear choice among all others running for this office in our district. I encourage my Democrat and Republican neighbors to vote for her as well.”

Raised in Ringgold, Representative Stacey Evans grew up in the shadow of the carpet mills where nearly everyone in her family worked. She experienced poverty and community destruction from job loss and also learned the importance of community engagement.

In her five terms in the legislature, Rep. Evans championed protection and expansion of the HOPE Scholarship and introduced legislation that enabled more than 5,500 students to return to technical colleges.

Rep. Evans’ endorsement remarks: “I’m proud to support my longtime friend Wendy. I know Wendy will fight for NW Georgia because she’s been doing it her entire life. Her list of service to the Democratic Party and our State is long and unmatched in this year’s primary. Wendy knows that college is a pathway to the middle class but is out of the financial reach of many hard working students. She will fight to close the gap. And Wendy knows that if you put in a hard day’s work, you should earn a living wage. She’ll never stop working for working families.”

State Representative Billy Mitchell is in his tenth term in the Georgia House of Representatives and serves as Chair of the House Democratic Caucus. Before beginning his distinguished legislative career, Rep. Mitchell was a Stone Mountain City Councilmember and Mayor ProTem. He has served on the Democratic Party of Georgia State Committee with Wendy for more than 20 years.

Rep. Mitchell’s endorsement remarks: “I have the distinct honor and pleasure of being able to endorse and support a great person, a great candidate for Congress, Rome Commissioner Wendy Davis, an extraordinary person. As one who is in charge of the delegation and serves all over the state, I can tell you firsthand that north Georgians will be represented extremely well. I can’t think of a better person to serve in the United States Congress than Commissioner Wendy Davis.”

Senator Nan Orrock, elected to the Georgia State Senate in 2006, previously served 10 terms in the State House. Senator Orrock has been a loud and clear voice for women’s empowerment and was a leading proponent of Georgia’s Family and Medical Leave Act.

Senator Orrock’s endorsement remarks:

“I am 1000% on board with Wendy Davis. I know her. I know what she stands for. I know her values.”

“She’s going to do the right thing, and she’s going to be able to take a message of forward Georgia, forward the United States, to the Congress and be backed by the voters of the 14th District.”

“She’s someone who will stand tall in Congress.”

Senator Elena Parent is in her third term in the Georgia State Senate, and she previously served in the State House. Last year she was selected as the Chairwoman of the State Senate Democratic Caucus. Senator Parent is a fierce consumer advocate and champion for fair elections, including ending gerrymandering.

Senator Parent’s endorsement remarks:

“There’s no one who has done more and helped connect northwest Georgia and northwest Georgia Democrats than Wendy. She has accomplishments that she has done as a member of the community and a member of the City Commission, like bringing baseball and tennis to northwest Georgia.”

“Wendy has been a trailblazing Democrat, and she has built relationships throughout her community on issues that everyone can rally around. …People know her and trust her, and that’s the type of candidate we need to send Marjorie Taylor Greene home.”

“Wendy is THE candidate in this race who will have the credibility and the connections and skills to win that seat.”

Organizations and Individuals of Note

Georgia AFL-CIO
Democratic Municipal Officials “Blue Star Rising”
Lateefah Conner Former Dem candidate in CD-14

State Legislators 

State Senator Michelle Au
State Senator Donzella James
State Senator David Lucas
State Senator Nikki Merritt
State Senator Nan Orrock
State Senator Elena Parent
State Senator Sheikh Rahman

State Representative Kim Alexander
State Representative Teri Anulewicz
State Representative Debbie Buckner
State Representative Jasmine Clark
State Representative Stacey Evans
State Representative Becky Evans
State Representative Mike Glanton
State Representative Scott Holcomb
State Representative Edna Jackson
State Representative Angelika Kausche
State Representative Derek Mallow
State Representative Dewey McClain
State Representative Josh McLaurin
State Representative Donna McLeod
State Representative Billy Mitchell
State Representative Beth Moore
State Representative Yasmin Neal
State Representative Mary Margaret Oliver
State Representative David Wilkerson
State Representative Mary Frances Williams
State Representative Al Williams

Local Elected Officials 

Adairsville Mayor Kenneth Carson
Augusta Mayor Hardie Davis
Stockbridge Mayor Anthony Ford
Doraville Mayor Joseph Geierman
Athens Mayor Kelly Girtz
Savannah Mayor Van Johnson
Eatonton Mayor John Reid
DeKalb Co CEO Michael Thurmond
Macon Commissioner Al Tillman

Rome City Commissioner Bonny Askew
Rome City Commissioner Elaina Beeman
Clarkston City Councilwoman YT Bell
Atlanta City Council Member Michael Julian Bond
College Park City Council Member Joe Carn
East Point City Council Member Thomas Calloway
Rome City Commissioner Mark Cochran
Rome City Commissioner Bill Collins
Rome City School Board Member Faith Collins
Douglasville Council Member Sam Davis
Summerville City Council Member Ray Denmon
Douglasville Council Member Howard Estes
Atlanta City Council Member Amir Farokhi
Monroe City Council Member Norman Garrett
Albany City Commissioner Jon Howard
Cobb County School Board Member Leroy Tre’ Hutchins
Doraville City Council Member Stephe Koontz
Savannah Alderman Detric Leggett
Walthourville City Council Member Luciria Luckey Lovette
Canton City Council Member Sandy McGrew
Douglasville Mayor Pro Tem Terry Miller
Cave Spring City Council Member Joyce Mink
Hinesville City Council Member Vicky Nelson
Savannah Alderman Nick Palumbo
Fairburn Mayor Pro Tem Hattie Portis-Jones
Savannah Alderman Kurtis Purtee
Eatonton City Council Member Janie Reid
East Point City Council Member Lance Robertson
DeKalb Co Commissioner Ted Terry
Atlanta City Council Member Keisha Waites
Midway City Council Member Clemontine Washington
Savannah Alderwoman Linda Wilder-Bryant

Former Elected Officials and Party Leaders 

Governor Roy Barnes
Atlanta City Council Member Doug Alexander
Dem Nominee for Lt Gov Sarah Amico
Smyrna Councilwoman Maryline Blackburn
State Senator and Dem Nominee for Governor Jason Carter
State Rep. Buddy Childers
TX State Senator Wendy Davis
State Representative Elly Dobbs
Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin
State Representative Pat Gardner
State Representative Jed Harris
State Representative Michele Henson
Georgia State Senate Minority Leader Steve Henson
State Rep and Dem Nominee for US Senate Jim Martin
Atlanta City Council President Ceasar Mitchell
State Representative Mike Polak
State Representative Barbara Massey Reece
State Representative John Noel
Smyrna Council & State Legislator Doug Stoner
Vienna Mayor Hobby Stripling
State Representative Stephanie Stuckey
State Representative Doug Teper
Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson
Georgia State House Minority Leader Bob Trammell