Meet Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis’ roots in northwest Georgia go back five generations, and her family’s commitment to service runs deep.

Growing up, Wendy’s family faced their share of tough times, just like so many families in this area. Her dad was a WWII veteran and insurance agent, and her mom, a nurse by trade, eventually started her own small business as a seamstress.

As role models, Wendy’s parents taught her the importance of faith, family, and community. She watched her mom navigate the VA medical system to make sure her dad and uncles got the care they’d earned by serving their country, and learned first-hand how important it is to have an advocate by your side.

Some dads teach their kids to hunt – Wendy’s taught her to field ground balls, sparking a lifelong passion for baseball — a love she was able to merge with her love of Rome in 2001, when Floyd County needed a leader to step up and rally the community around an ambitious plan to bring professional baseball to Rome.

Leading that volunteer effort brought results for Wendy’s community. Today, State Mutual Stadium is in its 18th year as the home of the Rome Braves, bringing two league championships, tons of family fun, and millions of dollars in economic impact — from the dozens of jobs created to the revenue generated by the visitors who eat, sleep and shop in our region.

In 2013, after more than a decade working in the community, Wendy went to work for the community. She ran for—and won— a seat on the Rome City Commission. Wendy is a leader never afraid to ask tough questions and is a determined advocate for neighborhoods and innovative ideas. Always committed to transparency, she listens to citizens’ concerns and genuinely seeks active participation from all corners of the city.

Wendy has cut red tape to help businesses thrive and to make city services more efficient and responsive. She has a “let’s make things better” attitude, and you’ll find her rooting for Rome just as hard as she roots for her Rome Braves.

Now, Wendy’s running for Congress to be a voice for US. She knows we have real challenges facing our communities: helping our small businesses get back on track to prosperity, lifting up our kids as they overcome the gaps in their education, supporting families who are struggling through grief and unexpected economic turmoil and reconnecting neighbors who have been pushed apart by those who seek to divide our nation.

Wendy knows that good ideas don’t come from Washington; solutions to our complex problems come from the people in communities like ours. And she knows we can get a whole lot done if members of Congress would stop making spectacles of themselves and just spend some time looking out for US.